Has the Burden of Your Debt Become Overwhelming?

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Accruing debt is an inevitable part of modern life. However, if your debt has become burdensome or unmanageable, you may need to divest yourself of some or all of it.

Contact Campo Law Firm, PLC to discuss your bankruptcy options. Our Phoenix, Arizona attorney can:
Advise as to whether or not bankruptcy is a wise choice for you
Explain the pros and cons of the different bankruptcy chapters
Represent you throughout the filing process

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When should you consider filing for bankruptcy?

When should you consider filing for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a valid legal option. You should look into it if:

  • Your bills are going unpaid
  • You’re unable to afford daily necessities
  • Your employment or educational opportunities are being restricted
Our attorney is experienced at working with creditors, too. Contact us to request a no-cost consultation with a Phoenix, Arizona bankruptcy attorney.