How Can Campo Law Firm, PLC Help You?

Consult our Phoenix, AZ contract review attorney

For the last 12 years, the lead attorney at Campo Law Firm, PLC has dedicated himself to meeting the needs of his clients in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He’s a smart, friendly attorney who’ll provide strong support for your:

Work with a better bankruptcy attorney

If you’re facing an unmanageable level of debt in the Phoenix, Arizona area, get in touch with Campo Law Firm. Our lawyer understands the suffocating effect that debt can have on one’s personal and financial life – and he wants to alleviate your burden. He can:


Put together a seamless estate plan

Campo Law Firm’s attorney can assist with your estate planning in the Phoenix, AZ area. He can help you draft a will, form a trust, assign guardianship and more.

Resolve your probate issue

Has the passing of a loved one left you with a complex and convoluted probate case in the Phoenix, Arizona area? Don’t let an unresolved probate case stretch on for months or even years. Obtain smart guidance by calling Campo Law Firm today.

Is your corporation preparing for an important transaction? Leave your contract creation and review to the lead attorney at Campo Law Firm. Call 602-445-6221 to request a no-cost consultation with our Phoenix, Arizona attorney.